Advice to Upcoming Graduates

To my fellow college grads, where does the time go?

Risking sounding generic, it feels like yesterday I was having anxiety attacks seeing the price of textbooks for the first time. Now here I am blogging about my life post dorm room and using the stack of textbooks I spent an arm and a leg on as a coffee table.

My advice:

If I can give any advice to those entering school or in a university it’s to take the time to focus on yourself. These four years are “YOU” years! There are no expectations, no babies to take care of and no full time jobs to consume your time. Universities can be scary, being in a new place and knowing absolutely no one can be petrifying but its all for the cause, dear.

Volunteer: Get out of your dorm and help make an impact on the community. Volunteering not only helps others but it opens yourself up to seeing the need for change in the community. The community is just a particle of the rest of the nation, volunteering will help you see the big picture as well as finding new ways to address needs. Author Julien Finch once wrote “You can change the world again instead of protecting yourself from it.” -Which shows how important it is to get out of your comfort zone to help a cause. You don’t have to go far, you’ll be surprised to see there is need right around the corner.

Make Lasting Relationships: There’s no friends like college friends. The friends you make in college just get you. They don’t judge you for how eating a gummy bear for each page read in the textbook is necessary for cramming in a quick study session. They understand the struggle is real…everyday. Also, everyone is different, suck it up with those you live in the dorms with and make it work.Don’t have expectations for roommates, that way everything that happens is exciting and it won’t give you the opportunity to feel down.

Relationships in the classroom are just as important. Make sure you are respecful enough to your professors that you can use their “rolodex”for job/internship openings once you graduate. It’s something to think about before you graduate, because who knows when you’ll see your professors again. I was lucky that my professors had their hands in many different cookie jars and had a lot of connections. If you ask for their home email you can contact them later for a professional reference, which is the least they can do for your near perfect attendance record and listening to their repetitive lectures.

Keep your head up, buttercup! Graduation is just around the corner. Study hard and enjoy your YOU years!

Questions or advice? Ask away!


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