Copycat Starbucks Purple Drink!

Hello Again! Wow it’s been almost a year since my last post… I had to hop on and tell you all about my favorite new discovery off the Starbucks Secret Menu. Better yet- I can show you how to make it with a few ingredients!

My best friend introduced me to her basic ways via a new (non) menu item last summer at Starbucks- the Purple drink. It’s great as a decaf midday pick-me up option because it’s just 4 simple ingredients! Unfortunately, I found out that not all baristas know what the purple drink was so I decided to master the craft and make it myself and with so few ingredients, you can too!


Starbucks Copycat Purple Drink

  • Muddle a small handful of blackberries
  • Ice
  • Add in 1 tbsp of Torani Vanilla Syrup
  • 1/2 cup of Tazo iced passion herbal tea
  • Fill the rest of your glass (usually about a cup) with milk of your choice


First, I muddled a small handful of frozen blackberries (because its March and Oregon believes it’s still the middle of winter). I was impatient waiting for them to thaw so I nuked in the microwave for 10 seconds or so.


Next, add in your ice -as much or as little as you’d like because you’re not having to pay Starbucks for  a cup full of ice! Hehe!

Then, add in a tablespoon (give or take according to your taste) of Torani vanilla syrup- I saw the baristas using that kind and it was cheap at the grocery store-so double win..

Stir so the vanilla flavor distributes

After, add in about 1/2 cup of the TAZO iced passion herbal tee (it’s caffeine free) concentrate. I highly recommend the cartons which I found at Target and Alberson’s grocery. You can purchase the tea bags however you then have to steep it, let it cool…and so on..


Finally, fill the rest of the your glass or Starbucks tumbler with milk. I chose vanilla coconut milk because it brings out the tropical summertime vibes…but you can substitute with whichever milk product you prefer.

Add a variety of berries to the top or add in more ice and enjoy Summertime in a glass and Starbuck’s Secret Menu Purple Drink.


Cheers! Follow me on Instagram for more adventures! @erika.pnw


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