Healthy Sweet Potato Nachos

This meal is Nacho Mama’s usual cheesy dish! 

Nachos1Swap out tortilla chips for these healthy sweet potato nachos!

Two o’clock rolls around and I realized I have done absolutely nothing to prepare for lunch. What really sounds delicious is a cheesey-gooey, beefy plate of nachos. This is why it’s important to meal prep!-so I don’t end up eating processed crud! Instead of giving into my craving I made a quick and healthy corn-free version with just 5 ingredients!


1 Large Sweet Potato -peeled. I ended up using half for my diced potato breakfast hash this morning and using the other half for lunch was the perfect amount.

1 chicken breast- I try to meal prep but I hadn’t this time, however I always try to keep pulled (boiled) chicken in the fridge for quick meals like tacos, wraps or to top on a fresh last-minute salad. I didn’t use the whole breast for this reason.

1 bell pepper of any color

1 tbsp – BBQ sauce (you can add more or less to your liking)

A pinch of cilantro


Once your pulled chicken is cooked, toss in BBQ sauce and set on low. I used a gluten-free sauce by OrganicVille sweetened with Agave Nectar. It’s important to note that once cooked, the sweet potato is very sweet and a mesquite flavor will compliment well instead of creating an overall intense sweetness from a brown sugar or sweet flavored BBQ sauce. This dish can easily be Whole 30 approved with a compliant BBQ sauce. Vegetarian? Swap the chicken for your favorite substitute pulled meat.

Now that you have sliced the sweet potato into your desired thin chip size, add it to the pan with a thin coat of butter. You can sub for olive oil but a tiny bit of grass-fed butter always brings an amazing caramelization to the chips and plays on the sweet notes of the potato.

Add the bell pepper strips to the pan at the same time. Bell peppers are 92% water so they take about the same amount of time to soften as the chips. I also julienne bell peppers of all colors and keep them in ziplock baggies either in the fridge or freezer. It’s a great addition to eggs, zucchini pasta, anything. I had the peppers all ready to go so I sprinkled just a few on the grill to soften up and add to these bomb Nachos.

After about 10 minutes (depending on thickness of the chips) on medium heat the sweet potato chips should be cooked through and you are ready to plate.  Top the chips with your BBQ pulled chicken, bell peppers and a pinch of cilantro gives it the flavor of fresh Latin flair.





Even Copper wanted in on this BBQ action… No sharing here!





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